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Some mothers labor on for years
Without a good reward,
Whose children cost them bitter tears
They scarcely can afford.

How can we help these ladies dear
So trapped inside this grief?
What can we do to bring them cheer
And offer some relief?

Let’s see them with the eyes of Christ,
While falling to our knees
To diligently, kindly pray
God’s grace would cover these.

by Gwennon
May 11, 2013

I sent the poem “Unsung” via email to my prayer partner, Gail, for review before posting it, and she said, “That’s sweet.  But the women I really feel for are the ones who pour out their lives for their children, and are still unrewarded.”

I thought about that for a while, then asked myself if God might be petitioned to help me write another poem for women whose hearts break on Mother’s Day, or if, since He has been so generous, such a request would just be selfishness on my part.  But before I finished praying for it, the words and design for this poem were already coming into my thoughts.

I pray that this will encourage someone today.

May God bless you!

Praying that you will find comfort in Jesus today,