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My building is a life-long work
I dare not long neglect:
An opus on my dying day
My Lord God will inspect.

I’m building for eternity
And want to then collect
A good reward for what I’ve done:
A home with God’s “elect”.

But where I am, the days grow long,
And sometimes I suspect
The good returns I want won’t come:
Small doubts my thoughts infect.

Yet, brick by brick, I’m building still
My project to protect,
And seeking God that Heaven’s joys
And God’s love I’ll reflect.

My edifice one day will stand
A trial-by-fire direct,
And on that day I’ll praise God when
My temple stands erect.

by Gwennon
May 6, 2013

I owe the idea for this poem to
The Invisible Mother: My “Aha” Moment
From the online support group: Circle of Moms.
Check them out for some much-needed encouragement.