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Again I see God’s constant, tender care:
Love flowing everywhere I see.
What kindness God has shown – it’s everywhere!
Amazing, gracious, loving Trinity!
Year-round at times I thought I should have died,
So sudden is the rescue that appears,
Sustaining more than life, but joy beside—
Attacking and destroying all my fears.
Victorious is He Who forms my days.
I praise Him for the mercies He bestows,
Nobility of Heaven, keeping me!
Great-hearted is my Jesus! Let me praise
My precious Savior, Who before me goes,
Erasing problems I can’t even see.

by Gwennon
February 27, 2009

Every time I read this poem, I am instantly taken back to that awful moment in time, 23 years ago, when I was making a left turn out of the parking lot at work. This turn gave me no end of worries because it was on the crest of a hill, and visibility was not ideal on either side. However, turning right would have taken me into unfamiliar territory, and tired of getting lost while driving, I had resigned myself to being brave and turning left, even though I sometimes wondered about the safety of that particular intersection.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I looked left, I looked right, I looked left again, breathed a quick prayer, then floored the accelerator, convinced that since both sides of the road looked clear as far as I could see, it had to be safe. As soon as I was out in the middle of the road, I discovered I was wrong. Bearing down hard on me at my left was a small car that seemed to be flying along at around 100 miles per hour. I could never have seen it coming, because when I looked for dangers on the left side of the road before venturing out, the speeding car was too far away for me to have seen it.

Anxiously, I kept grinding the accelerator down as hard as I could, worried I might not have time to escape a collision. In another couple of seconds, we missed each other by inches. As we passed each other, I could feel opposing air currrents pulling at my car, highlighting how closely I had come to a really terrible accident. All the way home, I praised God for keeping me safe, because He really didn’t have to.

Yet, when I finally finished this poem, I ended up dedicating it to my dear friend, Lorraine, who through no fault of her own found herself living under the threatening sword of impending disaster. We prayed together several times about the burden of fear and misery that loomed, until at last she was delivered. Praise the Lord!

God delights in serving those who call on him.

Psalm 68:20 tells us
“Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death.”

Praying for God to bless and protect you,