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Oh, for a love
That can never be shaken:
A life-changing love for my God!
Oh, for a faith
That is not overtaken
By worries and stresses abroad!
Oh, for a trust
That can never be broken,
Though battered and bruised in life’s storms!
Oh, for a hope
That is more than a token
Of life-everlasting to come!
Oh, for the Father,
The source of all wisdom,
To do in my heart what I can’t!
Oh, for the Spirit
To comfort and guide me,
And with God the Father to grant
More of my Jesus,
Who in great love sees us,
And calls us from sin to depart—
Ever more Jesus,
Who blesses and frees us,
Please come and take over my heart!

by Gwennon
July 3, 2008