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He smiled across the room at her
And hoped that she would take his hint.
But from her task she would not stir
When low to pick her up he bent.

She glanced at him and sweetly smiled
Then gave to him a substitute.
She bounced away to tend her child
After giving Dad the boot.

They danced in circles round the floor,
For Dad could not resist her charms.
He knew his chance with her was o’er—
Instead her teddy filled his arms.

Perhaps there’ll be another day
When they can give this dance a whirl.
These moments I’ll cherish as they play:
My husband and my little girl.

by Gwennon
written circa 1996

I wrote this for my second daughter “Rachel”, who was three about this time. As I recall, it was a warm Sunday afternoon between church services when Rachel gave Sergei her teddy bear to dance with, while she held on tightly to her dolly.

That was a sweet time in our lives. Now, sixteen years later, I blinked, and just like that the time was gone.