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Bravado (Bravada?)

I’m walking where I want
‘Cause I have garlic and a stick:
The stick for bigger creatures
And the garlic for the snakes:
I’ll fight the bigger creatures
If I must – or, if I’m bit,
I’ll quickly chew the garlic
As an antidote for it.
So, I’m walking where I please now,
And you needn’t fear for me:
With my garlic and my hefty stick
I’m safe as I can be!

by Gwennon
7:30 am April 30, 2013

Doesn’t this just sound like an old lady?

I’m telling you, I’m going to be a lot of fun as I get older! (So, be prepared!)

I really need a lot more walking than I have been getting. One of the ways I can get more of the walking I need is to walk in “the wilds” behind our property. However, this is snake country, and my husband has expressed a bit of concern over my wandering through there.

I think with precautions (the garlic) and a walking stick to pound the ground and let the animals know I’m encroaching into their territory, I’ll probably be all right.

In the past, my family used garlic and several other remedies concurrently to treat a poisonous bit that I just knew was about to garner us a trip to the emergency room. But the treatments worked too fast for us to make it out the door when my husband finally got home from work to take us.

I have detailed a treatment plan for poisonous bites on my blog
under the heading “Affordable Treatments for Poisonous Bites”

So, I’ve already had some success here, and if the occasion ever calls for such drastic measures, I am more than prepared to take them again! Thank the Lord!