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Crimson, blue, and crystal strings
Lift my soul on angels’ wings,
While my fingers gladly fly,
Bringing life to music I
Hear alone inside my head,
Prompting me to leave my bed
For another sacred tryst
With the One Whose music kissed,
Soothed and satisfied my heart
Through a meeting with my harp.
Jesus lets me see His smile
As I harp around awhile,
Stretching forth and fluttering
On sweet songs that heaven brings.
All too soon another call
On these happy ears will fall.
But a time will come again
When sweet music I can spin
On the strings of my sweet harp
And once more fill up my heart.

by Gwennon
June 17, 2008

I was thinking I might want to send this poem to Folk Harp Journal and see if it might find a home there.