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Renewed at last by Jesus’ healing hands,
Emerging into joyful victory,
Becoming everything that God had planned,
Uniting faith and character in me,
I praise the One Who lives to set me free,
Luxuriating in God’s tender care.
Transplanting love and perfect purity,
Beginning transformations, God repairs –
Yes! – restores and beautifies the ashes,
Jagged edges, and ruins of my life,
Extracting glories from these: my losses.
Surprising me, Jesus redeems my griefs,
Usurping them with perfect love and favor:
Sorrows turn to joy by my great Savior.

by Gwennon
May 22, 2009

I dedicated this to my friend, Tanya, who was going through a very tough time when I wrote it.  But this poem also describes my own life.