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My heart is often heavy
From the burdens of my day,
From flaws and hidden weaknesses
So slow to fade away.

I want to do much better
Than I do so many times,
But when I’m done, the end results are

To where can I repair
When these condemning worries start?
While others see my failings,
I know Jesus sees my heart.

Will I still keep remembering
When I see others now
Behaving badly, doing things
That should be disavowed?

Will I remember Jesus died
To make them clean and pure,
And keep this thought in mind
As I keep striving to endure?

When others start to criticize,
Will I in this take part?
Or think of what I know is true:
God looks upon the heart.

While others see externals,
Making judgments that may smart,
I want to always think of this:
My God looks on the heart.

by Gwennon
April 20, 2013

I Samuel 16:7 (end of the verse)
“People look at the outward appearance,
but the LORD looks at the heart.”

[emphasis added]

I have been pondering these ideas and praying for a poem to express them for several days. Finally, about an hour ago, the words started to come, and I captured them right away in a red composition notebook. Since I found this notebook in my closet and started using it, I have written a lot more poems because I now have a good place to scribble as the ideas come. This notebook ought to be good for several more weeks. But I hope to be looking for its replacement soon.