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I hold a Hand that holds the stars
And has since they were new.
I fear not what tomorrow brings;
He holds tomorrow too.

I love a Friend that loved me true
Before I yet was born.
He knew my name and drew me forth,
For me his flesh was torn.

I serve a Lord that served the world
By giving His own life.
He filled my darkest, empty space
With His consuming light.

I seek a face that sought me first
When I was so undone
And called me by His own dear name;
An heir with Christ the Son.

by Rebekah Pearl
October 12, 1999
from the archives of No Greater Joy ministries. Their website is:

Thank you to No Greater Joy ministries for so graciously making this poem available!

Years ago, I read this poem in a No Greater Joy ministries newsletter and loved it.  Thinking I ought to put it in a safe place, and possibly frame it, I was surprised and saddened to find that the time had suddenly flown, taking with it the poem.  Yet, I remembered most of the first stanza all this time, and it has brought me great comfort over the years.  Finally, a few days ago, I wrote to No Greater Joy ministries, asking them if they could give me another copy of this wonderful poem, and possibly even give me permission to post it here.  They graciously complied.

I hope you will enjoy this poem as much as I have.  If you do, please be sure to drop No Greater Joy a line.  Thanks!