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What name do we hear
Oft abused
By those whose hearts are
Hurt, confused,
By those confronted
With a mess
(Sometimes called out
In holiness),
A name so often
Just ignored,
Or piled with
Ugly words galore,
Without which name
We stand condemned
If we don’t
Put our trust in Him,
But which the common
Masses dare
Treat with contempt,
And little care.
This name has given
Our world life,
Delivered many
From their strife,
Made way for our
Eternal life,
Which makes eyes see
That had been blind:
Our only reason
To be kind,
Revered in heaven,
Reviled in hell,
Should we not learn
To treat it well?
Belov’d of God and Holy Angels:
The name of Him
Who always sees us.

by Gwennon
written April 16, 2013

Well, friends, I have been jumping-up-and-down-kid-in-the-candy-store-can’t-wait-another-minute-excited to post this poem that I wrote this morning between loads of dishes and laundry and helping my son with his school work.  Even though I have plotted out my posts for the next three weeks on my calendar, I just couldn’t wait on this poem.  I actually wanted to publish it earlier in the day, but we made orange chicken tonight, and it was a long, drawn-out process.  (Very tasty, so I’m trying to remember to be thankful instead of complaining.)  But even after cleaning for what seems like forever, the kitchen is not yet fully clean.  And I am soooo tired.  If y’all want to pray for me, I’m telling you, that wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all.  Not one bit.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!  We serve a great God!

Praying you find all you need in Jesus,