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Soldier, you are still remembered,
Though your battles may be past:
Freedoms you defended linger
Even as pain holds you fast.

Strangers you have saved remember
Your compelling sacrifice,
And though difficulties linger,
Freedoms won are worth the price.

Grateful citizens remember –
Though you may be unaware –
Many people, unseen, kneel to
Lift you to God’s throne in prayer.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Long to make you whole again.
Loving you, God offers healing
As you seek Him through your pain.

Turn to Jesus for your healing.
He accepts you as you are.
Give to Him your all and watch Him
Healing every battle scar.

by Gwennon
written February 1, 2013

We know that freedom is not free. I pray that this poem will remind us to pray for the brave men and women in uniform who fight to keep us free. If you see a soldier in uniform, or if someone you know is a veteran, be sure to thank him [or her] for his sacrifice.