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Beyond my kitchen window, what a sight!
Unhurried little creatures seeking food:
Song-sharers gathered here for my delight:
Young flyers, and old, little groups accrued
Like living bouquets of feathers and songs.
Ingesting fluffy dandelion seeds
Together with other morsels, they throng
To our backyard sanctuary to feed:
Long-hoped-for visitors returning here:
Exceptional beauties, though called common,
Barometers of outdoor hope and cheer,
Inviting me to linger, drinking in
Reminders of the Father’s tender care
Devoted to these small birds here and yon,
Sustained by Him Whose love is always there.

by Gwennon
written May 27, 2009

It had been a long winter, devoid of our songbirds. This poem, which was very late (taking several weeks to complete) is my celebration of their return.

This is actually the second version of this sonnet, which is irregular, having 15 lines. To disguise this irregularity, somewhat, I have changed the rhyme scheme of the last three lines from GGG to GFG. The F lines have only consonance in common, but I think it works.