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If you live to honor Jesus,
You’ll inherit heaven’s bliss:
A really great eternity
You’d never want to miss,
Where holy ones are gathered to
Enjoy God every day,
And luxuries abound to
A degree I couldn’t say.
The comforts there are
Wonderful – beyond what you have known
Down here on earth,
Although it’s true:
A glimpse you may be shown.
Your sorrows and regrets will flee,
Replaced by daily joy,
And work will have new meaning
As you’re gainfully employed.
Yes, all of these things can be yours
If Jesus you adore:
It isn’t what you’ve done,
But Who you know.

But if you don’t love Jesus
And you scorn Him every day,
Your home won’t be in heaven
But in someplace far away:
Away with other selfish souls
Who do not love God’s Son,
If loving God
Is not what you have done.

God gives each soul a choice here
As to where he gets to go:
It isn’t what you’ve done,
But Who you know.

The system is the same here
When a lovely home you find:
If you do not have a friend there,
Don’t expect a welcome kind.
The owners may not share their home
With strangers they don’t know:
It isn’t what you’ve done,
But Who you know.

So, do not be surprised, then,
If the welcome you had thought
To earn by “doing good” here
Has been lost or long forgot.
God welcomes those into His home
Who choose to love His Son.
Of choices made
He puts the most importance on this one:
If you live to obey Jesus
And receive what He has done,
You let Him take your sins
And then you rest in Him alone,
Your entrance into Heaven
Is assured, for as we know,
It isn’t what you’ve done,
But Who you know.

by Gwennon
written April 14, 2013
while getting ready for church

When I read it to my husband, I said, “I can hardly believe I wrote that!” And he helpfully replied, laughingly, “Me, either!”

Although I don’t know them and we’ve never met, I’d like to thank Bill Wiese and his lovely wife for inspiring this poem. Mr. Wiese wrote the very informative and sobering book, 23 Minutes in Hell.

In recent days, I happened to happily come upon Mr. and Mrs. Wiese on one of the Bible channels, talking about his visit to hell, which as far as I can tell aligns completely with everything Scripture has to say on the subject. Anyway, as they were talking, the host asked Mr. Wiese the question that has plagued humanity for centuries: “How can a loving God ever send anyone to hell?”

I was instantly glued to my television, awaiting his answer. Imagine my surprise when he said, “You’re really asking the wrong question. God doesn’t send anyone to hell: people send themselves there through their rebellion against God. The question we ought to be asking is this: How can a good God allow bad people into heaven?”

He went on to say that if a person here in America found the nicest home in the country, knocked at the front door of the house, and announced his plans to live there, he would be laughed out of town. Why? Because he has no relationship with the people who own the house.

If you are the owner of a lovely home, regardless of the desires of anyone else, you are under no obligation to allow anyone else to live with you in your home. Unless you know them.

I agree. Whereas a person could, conceivably, allow someone who has spent a lifetime ignoring, scorning, or cursing him to live with him in his home, why would anyone living in that home want this? What good or harmony could this bring?

Jesus says in Revelation 3:20-21
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh [i.e. “continually overcomes”] will I grant the right to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with my Father in his throne”.

Seems to me what Jesus is saying is that if you receive Him and have relationship with him, you’ll be welcomed into heaven and even get to sit on Jesus’ lap on His throne and get all the comfort from the parent who made you that you have ever wanted in this life, and then some. But the choice is yours.

So, what will you choose?