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Dinosaur Friend of Mine, you don’t need me
Right now. The food you ate should settle. Let me go
And see what I can find you in the pantry.
Good food. I guarantee it. — You should know
Older, out-of-shape women like me are
Never as tasty as we may appear.
Do tell me how I can best serve you here!
Opportunity knocks with a new recipe:
Nab new, tasty food you’re going to love —
Outstanding flavors you never had before:
Take my chocolate chip cookies! Yep. Shove
Engaging, tasty morsels of flour and spice
Along your hungry palate! Now, isn’t that nice?
Treat yourself to another dozen. Or two!
Me? I have some pressing business to attend to:
Excuse me from your meal. — Let these sweets suffice!

by Gwennon
April 3, 2013

This poem followed in the wake of a devastating disappointment that surprised me last week. I had thought that a one- or two-hour cry would clear the whole thing up. But it didn’t. Over the course of 30 hours, I fell into a pit of despair, which quickly filled to overflowing with tears that threatened to never slow down. After many prayers, and the prayers of many friends, the disappointment started to lift, and I imagined that life might, indeed, go on.

I couldn’t help asking God for a special favor though: if my current dream had to die, wouldn’t He, at least, give me some more new poems? Specifically, some really fun stuff both to read and to write?

Almost immediately, the title and the acrostic for this irregular sonnet started to take shape, and I watched myself writing words and lines, between school assignments at the kitchen table with my son. An hour after I had started writing, the poem was basically completed, needing only a small bit of editing later that night. This was a good surprise and was truly a gift from God.