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It hurt me
More than I could say.
The thought came
I could run away:
Just RUN
And leave my pain behind;
Thus, make me
To my promise blind.
But running
Would not fix my mess –
Just summon
More unhappiness.
A promise made
Has bound me close,
For easy tasks
Require no oath.

by Gwennon
April 9, 2013

A praying friend was a little alarmed at the tone in this little work, but, I told her, it is actually a testimony to the triumph of perseverance.  Whereas I thought of running, I did not.  I stayed and kept on honoring a promise I made when times were easier.  And, having persevered just a bit longer, have already reaped some sweet rewards.  I pray that this will be true in your own life as you persevere through your difficult times.  Keep hanging onto Jesus, and He will not let you go.