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If God were mean,
He would have let our only working car
when my husband and kids were Christmas shopping in the City,
when the weather was threatening,
when everyone we knew was almost too busy to breathe,
when everyone was letting their phone calls go directly to voice mail.

If God were mean,
He would have let our only working car
last weekend when we had loaded it up to the ceiling with home-baked goodies and fresh-cut vegetables, and, like the work-horse we had come to expect it to be, it had had to make several trips between our house and the church before the baby shower could even begin.

If God were mean,
He could have let our only working car
last night, on the only day of the year I decided to volunteer at the school, and I had left my two ready-to-be-independent-but-not-quite-grown children home alone for just a couple of hours on a night my husband could have come home from his business trip much later than he actually did.

If God were mean,
He would have let our only working car
a block after I left the grocery store last week with a trunk full of food that would have spoiled right away in the sun; or
on a day we were all driving along a deserted country road with no houses in sight; or
on a day when the pantry was getting empty and we had run out of money; or
on a day when my husband had not already gotten our daughter safely to school before the car broke down; or
when a co-worker had not been able to come at the last minute and take my husband to work on time; or
at a time when no one was available to look after my daughter when school ended then take her safely back home; or
when the weather was simply impossible; or
at such a time and in such a way that
I could say with absolute conviction:
“No possible good can ever come from THIS!”

But God is abundantly KIND.
He allowed our only working car to
when the fridge and the pantry are packed to overflowing and
several friends have already offered to help however they can and
everyone is healthy and
we still have some money but
we need nothing from the store.
And I will choose to remember how very many times God has “delivered me from all my fears”
And I will find a way to praise Him through my tears.

by Gwennon April 12, 2013

Psalm 34:4 “I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.”